Modern Organic Collection

I'm always thinking about my children's future. Not about what they will become, but about the state of the planet we're leaving for them to live in. This collection, which features the organic textures of pinecones, coral, and strawberry encased in bold, geometric shapes, reminds us that we are inextricably connected to the planet, our home.

In central California, the devastation climate change has wrought on the land is inescapable. Fire season comes yearly now, bringing stress and smoke in its wake. The natural textures on this jewelry are critical to human life, and when they burn, we all feel the effects. Elsewhere, tornadoes and hurricanes further disrupt and devastate human lives and families.

We only have one Earth.

Let this Modern Organic Collection—created by hand with sustainably sourced materials—remind you of your connection to the Earth, and inspire you to make the everyday changes that we all need to make to protect our home, not just for ourselves, but for our children's children.

The Strawberry Fields designs combine the texture of a strawberry with a hexagon frame, designed to evoke a honeycomb. Without bees pollenating flowers, there would be no food for our families to eat. Bees are so important to life on this planet.

This collection also includes the textures of coral framed in diamond shapes. I've lived close to the sea for most of my life and ocean pollution is a real problem. When you wear a Coral Diamond piece, may it be a reminder of the fragility of the Earth's ocean ecosystems, and an impetus to live more sustainably in your everyday life, such as by eschewing single-use plastics.

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